Everthe8 – OW, I Like It
  • Альбом: 8th the Human
  • Добавлено: 2019-06-13 в 18:08
  • Просмотрели: 12
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Young bae, sweet as fame
Everybody wanna know how she taste
Young 8th at this party like wusup
Low key, just tryna sauce up

Flow shotgun, i stayn’ nirvana
All the girls front, but she keep stunna
Let’s get wavy
Out of this
We could do something
And she like..

Two diff’ lang’s
But we hit it off
Said she wanna dance
I just lit it up

I on’t even need to be somebody else
To made her luv
That’s ma favourite sound in world
When i made you laugh

Oh please
Why ya keep hating on me
All i wanna doin being me
Feel so fly, so free
In this shit

U so boujie and i like it, we chilling in the beach house
Sunbeams on your eyelids, wetdreams on my mind
It’s funny how we fell in love at first sight
I had a heavy heart, before you ’came mine
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